Polliner Chukwuma
, affectionately called ‘Pauline’ by family and friends, is the second child of Godwin and Cecelia Eguridu, and was born in Dortmund – Germany.

In the primary years of her life, while her parents were students, she was raised by close family friends and God-parents Franz and Marianne Wegner, who are till this day, still lovingly referred to as ‘Mama and Papa’. Likewise, their son, Franz Wegner JNR and his lovely wife Martina – are till this day, still lovingly referred to as ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Big Sister’. Pauline states that… ‘the love in action and Christian principles that they have handed down to me, have left an indelible print on my life’.

As her parents’ studies came to a close, the family moved from Germany to England, and Pauline entered the British Schooling System. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Westminster.

Pauline gave her heart to the Lord at the age of 17, after visiting a church convention that she had been invited to by a friend from college. She was instantly drawn to the choir and served the Lord in this capacity, humbly and faithfully for many years.

As she matured in Christ and waxed in spiritual strength, the Lord saw fit to increase the anointing on her life and enlarge her coast both at home and abroad.

The german-born singer, songwriter, worship leader and teacher, is known by all for her powerful and dynamic vocals, and loved for her ability to teach with simplicity and humour.

When asked during a meeting in Germany, how she learn’t to sing the way that she does, she explained that ‘It wasn’t learned, and can’t be taught’. Her rationale for this statement is that… ‘when you are a piece of clay, in the continual process of being broken, melted and re-moulded in the hands of the potter, it is a very painful process and will involve the shedding of many tears. However, each time a cycle is complete, there is a ripened sound, that will manifest from the depth of your spirit man. This sound will be deemed pleasurable in the ears of many precious people, but those who have trodden the same or a similar path, will bear witness in their spirits, that this is a sound, from the spirit man of a person who has held on through a storm, and - pulled through’.

Pauline is the songwriter of every song on the long awaited ‘Beauty for Ashes’ album, and states that each song was birthed in the midst of an unforgettable experience that the Lord had chosen to take her through. When asked what advice she would give to up and coming youngsters, she says…

‘Whilst talent is lovely, valuable, admirable, important etc. I would like to stress on the importance of faithfulness in your home church and submission to those in authority over you, as this experience and discipline will build character in an individual’. She further adds…’the bible says that there are many instructors in Christ, but few fathers, and I am blessed enough to have a Pastor who is just that. I therefore, till today, do not accept / confirm any ministerial engagements without discussing them with him first, as I understand that this is spiritual warfare and not entertainment. I believe that the prayers that he renders on my behalf prior to each engagement
re-enforces the hedge of protection around me, so that the Lord Jesus Christ will truly be glorified through my ministration’.

Pauline is married to Pastor Harold Chukwuma, and they worship at the Fold of Christ Ministry in the heart of London (Snr Pastor Ed Nelson Isibor) where they serve as members of the Ministerial Team. They are also the proud parents of two spirit-filled children.

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